5-month update: things get real!

Hi! How are y’all? Good! I have no idea how to write an intro to a blog post so… I’ll just… not do that…!

It’s been 5 months since we moved to Norway! It’s felt like MUCH longer. I remember time passing by so quickly in SF – and then suddenly I had lived there for almost half my life. But here, I really feel and experience every single day fully passing. So much has happened in just 5 months – it’s hard to believe that my life here is literally JUST beginning and this first year here will someday be a completely distant memory (until I stay up late one night reading all my old blog posts!).

Right now, I’m in a phase where my rose colored glasses have started to come off and I’m not riding on an adrenaline high that comes with starting a new life. I’m of course happy we moved and have no regrets (and am not homesick, except for good Mexican food) but life is now just LIFE as we’ve started to settle in more.

We’re currently juggling a LOT of stuff. I’m not like, completely drowning? But I’m definitely feeling stretched thin! It’s hard to balance everything. Like:

  • going to school (essentially full-time),
  • trying desperately to study (I literally don’t have enough time to study as much as I need to and am struggling in Norwegian class),
  • working a full time mentally-challenging job at night,
  • trying to be healthy and active and go to the gym as much as possible,
  • figuring out what to eat everyday (this takes up a shocking amount of my mental energy lol) and cooking every night,
  • making new friends and hanging out with current friends/family on weekends,
  • struggling financially (right now after taxes and bills and mortgages and groceries, I have $200 a month left over – to cover all my daily expenses and retirement savings, if I was actually saving anything for that right now 😞),
  • renovating a house and making a million decisions a day at an ever-increasing cost,
  • learning how to drive here in a beater car that immediately died after we bought it,
  • navigating the health care system where no one knows how to treat me and I can’t get reliable access to my medications…

All on… 6.5 hours of sleep a night. And with only 3 free hours a day to accomplish everything. Except on weekends, when I cannot physically pry myself out of bed until the last minute necessary before I have to in order to be on time for plans.

My cup is pretty full! It’s “good” to be busy? I think? I’m really happy with my life, but I don’t think I can take on much more! I do vaguely miss how extremely chill life was in San Francisco, but I know that things will eventually, hopefully, calm down here and I can relax again.

On a more positive note, I can’t wait for our house to be done! Things are moving along swiftly, and they’re starting to put the drywall in. They have a month and a half left until our deadline, and… a lot of stuff left to do! Our kitchen is coming November 7th, which should be the final piece of the puzzle! We’ll try to move in sooner if possible because I’m just sooo excited to sleep in our brand new bed and get crushed ice out of our brand new fridge and nap on our cute couch and decorate my office and bathe in a big shower and cook in our beautiful green kitchen… the real excitement of home ownership will really begin once we spend our first night there!

We’re going to America THREE times in the next 6 months! Once for a wedding and twice for work. I’m excited to see all my friends and family! And bring back more ranch dressing and coffee mugs! It’ll be so strange to be a visitor in my home country. But it’s nice we’ll have so many opportunities to see our loved ones soon. So we’ll be there in mid October, early December and early March. Hopefully I can squeeze in visits with everyone!

Okay! That’s it for now. Just had to let off a little steam! I hope I read this in a year and am in a better place stress-wise. But for now… I need a nap. Like, a 20-hour nap.


One thought on “5-month update: things get real!

  1. Tabby, this is your adult life in a foreign country, and you are doing well I think. Hopefully you will get some rest when the house is ready. Then you will finally know the costs as well, which is better than not knowing. And if we can be to any help, please let us know. Its not easy what you are experiencing right now. But it will not be like this forever.

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