Snippets from here and there – May and June 2019

Hello again! I’m in such a bloggy mood right now, so I figured I’d capitalize on my desire to overshare and put up a fun photo post! I’m going to experiment with different post formats, so let me know what you guys think once I get a few more entries up – this blog is going to be nice for me to read in the future, but the whole point of it is to keep YOU guys up to date on what we’re doing so that I don’t feel so far away from you all!

Get ready for a lot of scrolling – there are 20+ pictures here of what we’ve been up to in May and June! :) Not in chronological order because I honestly cannot keep track of the days anymore. First I’ll post the picture, then the caption (just so you know how this entry is structured!).

We’ll start with my daily views! Bendik’s parents (who we’re living with while the house is being renovated) live right on the lake, so every day when I walk outside, I’m treated to a BEAUTIFUL view. Half the pictures on my phone are of the lake. It’s so serene and relaxing to look at!


This is taken from the front yard…


This is from my favorite part of the house, where the long dining table is. There are plants everywhere (luckily ones I don’t have to take care of because tbh I am not about that #plantmom life, sorry!). I don’t know what it is about the view of the lake, but it really gives me a moment of peace when I look out over it. It’s so nice when people are swimming and canoeing along!


Isn’t it just sooooo beautiful!?


This is taken from my daily drive to school! We have two route options – the way with lots of roundabouts and not much to look at, which takes 3 less minutes to reach my destination, or the “scenic route,” which has beautiful views of the forest and rolling hills with cute farms. Every day Bendik asks me which route I want to take, and 29 out of 30 times, it’s been the scenic route. I mean, why not!?


When I have the energy to go for a walk, it’s always so pleasant and green and fresh! This is the forest across the street from our house. We’re surrounded by awesome trails, most of which we haven’t explored yet! I’ll be sure to take more pics from our upcoming hikes :)


This is our future daily view! This is where our giant window in our dining room will be. It will actually go all the way to the floor for a very dramatic effect! It’s just such a cozy lookout – I love seeing the treeline, and all the cute houses in the neighborhood. The views from most of our windows are actually pretty fantastic!


Speaking of the house, this picture is after one day of demo at the house – we were so shocked to see how much progress they made! It was so weird seeing things actually come down – the renovation had been so theoretical for so long, but they just WENT FOR IT!


This is what the house looks like now – walls have come down, the ceiling is new and newly-insulated, and we have a much better idea of what everything is going to look like now! The living room space is actually pretty big for such a compact house! I’m going to start posting more about the renovation once they get deeper into it, so much more to come!


This is some AMAZING wallpaper that they found after tearing down the wood wall paneling in one of our bedrooms – the previous owners LOVED statement wallpaper! I had them cut out some strips of it so we could frame it and hang it somewhere in the house to remind us of how things used to be (along with my beloved cloud wallpaper). This house is such a time capsule!


You never know what you’re going to find when renovating a house… for example, our chimney that (shockingly) was not built up to code… and this VINTAGE SWEDISH PORN THAT WAS HIDDEN IN THE WALLS WHEN THEY BUILT THE HOUSE IN 1964!!! One of our construction boys found it and was SO excited to show us. Another frame-worthy relic from the house!


One last picture from Siggerud… this is my new beloved possession, a cast-iron pig from Krukkegården!!! Krukkegården is basically heaven for people who love cute little things to put in their garden. They have a million unique giant pots for plants, little things to stick in the dirt, and fun cast-iron figurines to put around the house. I had to limit myself to ONE thing, so I chose this pig because it reminded me of my family’s Pig Outs, giant BBQs that my grammy and grandpa used to put on at the Miller Compound where they would roast a whole pig and the entire neighborhood came out to eat! So this little piggie gives me warm fuzzy feelings every time I look at it :)


I took this picture on the way to Krukkegården/Drøbak – it’s a field of rapeseed flowers that was so beautiful against the grey sky. We had a fun day leaving our little village, and I hope to go back to Drøbak again soon to take more photos of the cute houses!


We do occasionally leave Siggerud (and Ski) – here are some photos of our adventures in the city! This is a photo from Akershus festning, where we went to a MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL with Iben!!!


This is from the festival, and I truly have no idea what is happening. It was a wacky day with a lot of wacky people. We had so much fun!


Pretty much every time we’re in Oslo, we like to go to Villa Paradiso for extremely expensive pizza. It’s my FAVORITE! It’s basically my replacement for Pizzeria Delfina in SF. I am absolutely willing to spend $30 on what is basically an elevated pepperoni pizza.


We also make a trip to Tim Wendelboe every time we’re in the city. We recently house and cat-sat for our friends Astrid and Anders so had the whole weekend to spend in Oslo! We decided to do a coffee tasting for fun. If you ever go to Tim Wendelboe, I would highly recommend you do the tasting! You get to try 4 different coffees that are all delicious but with different flavor profiles.


This is Tigris, a sweet baby angel cat that Astrid and Anders are fostering! This photo is basically a miracle because the entire 4-5 days we were there, Tigris and Miso were too shy to come anywhere near us. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with getting cats to love me – maybe that’s my problem, I try to force it. I just love cuddles with animals!!!


We took a lovely walk through the Botanical Garden in Oslo that weekend, which was a nice respite from the city streets!


We also recently attended a cat birthday party in Oslo – Mahler’s 7th! I went to Mahler’s 4th birthday party so it was nice to celebrate with him again :)


Also while in Oslo… I had my very first GRANDIOSA! For non-Norwegians – Grandiosa is frozen pizza, but also a way of life in Norway. EVERYONE loves Grandiosa with a fiery passion. That’s how it feels anyway. It’s… good? Idk, it’s frozen pizza? I enjoy it, especially with some rømme dressing (or ranch if I have it!). It’s not that revolutionary but it’s a very important part of life in Norway, which I respect.


We celebrated the 17th of May in Oslo with a champagne breakfast at Cathrine and Marius’ super-cute house! There were probably 20 bottles of champagne between 15 people, so everyone was feeling preeeeetty good by noon. It was fun to dress up semi-fancy (and admire everyone’s beautiful bunads!). It’s a pretty fun holiday and everyone is in a super good mood, which you can really feel as you go around town!


Related to Norwegian culture, here is a hot dog. Hot dogs are also a way of life in Norway. They are perfect for when you’re just a liiiiittle hungry and on the go and just need something – anything – to eat. Fried onions are extra, which I didn’t used to know and accidentally stole some one time and am now afraid to enter the Deli De Luca in Grünerløkka for fear of being arrested.


We even left the country! We went to Sweden for a week and the best photo I have from it is from the ABBA museum. It was a super fun week spent with our European coworkers!


Okay, last photo… I took this last night (well, this morning) at 3:30am!!! I am honestly having a hard time getting used to it being so light out so early in the day. I recently invested in an eye mask, so hopefully that helps!

Okay!! That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe I’ll try to do these monthly? We shall see!

Ha det bra!


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