Reviving the blog!

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all been well in the last 11 years since I last updated this blog. A lot has happened since then! I graduated college, moved to many different apartments in SF, traveled a lot, got an awesome job and most notably, met a Norwegian dude that I was able to trick into marrying me! That’s actually why I’m updating the blog after all this time – we are constantly going on adventures, and our next biggest one will be our move to Norway in April 2019! Not such a big move for him, but for me, a pretty radical change of scenery. We bought a house in his childhood neighborhood, and will be renovating it from its current sorry state (but also kinda retro and fun!) into something cute and livable.

A bunch of people have suggested that I start a blog about my move to Norway and life there once I arrive. I’m not great at blogging consistently (as you can tell from my 11-year absence), but I thought I’d give it a try! Maybe it’ll only be interesting to my mom, but maybe another American that’s making the move might find it someday and think it’s helpful.

I’m planning on writing a few “backgrounder” posts that quickly summarize my journey to this point, a few months before we fly out to our new home – maybe that’ll be helpful for anyone who doesn’t know me well already.

Here’s hoping I turn this blog into something entertaining! Even if no one reads it, it’ll be nice to look back a few years later to see what was on my mind while I started life in beautiful, socialist, cold, cozy Norway.

Stay tuned (famous last words)! Snakkes snart!


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